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Barcelona School & University Quizzes are internal general knowledge quiz competitions that can be run in schools and Universities  in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The concept can easily be expanded to include both private and state schools, in Barcelona and at Province and National level, with questions in either English or Spanish, or both.

Quizzes can be tailored to suit school/University requirements. The school quizzes are primarily aimed at students in the secondary school (from 1st ESO (year 8 ) to Bachillerato (year 12). University quizzes are suitable for all ages.

Benefits of “quizzing” in Schools

Our standard quizzes consist of general knowledge questions, taken from a variety of categories. However, they can be tailored to particular subject areas of study. This means that the questions during our quizzes are recognizable and  understandable for the kids and above all serve as a useful tool to test their knowledge in a playful and educational manner. Team work and discussion are key and very important during our events and give the children very healthy and positive mental development. Benefits of the quizzes in schools include:

Quiz Formats

Several formats can be offered, depending on the number of student participants, the space allocated (classroom, hall, theatre space). The most tried and tested format is described below.

Table quiz format (Several  teams of 4 students)

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